2010: University of Hartford Art School, Cum Laude
BFA in Photography & BFA in Media Arts

2009: Study Abroad- Yale University, Summer Painting Program, France

2009: Study Abroad- University of Hartford, Spring Painting Program, Sicily


2010: In Limbo- Pond House


2014: Benny Gold Guest Artist Glider Plane Exhibition, Agenda Trade Show

2010: Manchester Community College Annual Juried Exhibition

2010: Alexander A. Goldfarb Annual Juried Exhibition, Joseloff Gallery


2013: Pictures On White Walls #1- Blackstone Gallery

2010: Plucking The Rainbow- Nina Freudenheim Gallery

2010: Hot Off The- University of Hartford Alumni Exhibition, Silpe Gallery

2010: The Present Part II- Second Senior BFA Exhibition, Art Space

2010: The Present- Senior BFA Photography Exhibition, Silpe Gallery

2010: Everything IS- Senior BFA Media Arts Exhibition, Silpe Gallery

2009: Auvillar Painting Exhibition- Summer Studio Painting Exhibition

2009: La Bella Sicilia- Painting & Photography Exhibition, Silpe Gallery

2009: You+Media Arts- Junior & Senior Media Arts Exhibition, Silpe Gallery


2019: Sticks & Stones Book: Shelflife No.1

2018: Another Filthy Magazine

2017: Sticks & Stones Mothership

2016: P Magazine

2016: Nakid Magazine

2016: Last Daze

2016: Another Filthy Magazine

2016: OFF THE RAILS Magazine

2016: C-Heads Magazine

2016: Self-Control Magazine

2016: We Are The People Magazine

2016: Fashion Grunge

2016: Dion Ys Us

2015: Navanax Online Magazine

2015: Arsenic Magazine


2019: Co-Curator- Herbert List Exhibition, Fahey/Klein Gallery

2009: La Bella Sicilia- Painting & Photography Exhibition, Silpe Gallery